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Exactech is a global medical device company that develops and markets orthopedic medical devices that can be implanted in the knee, ankle, and hip. It was founded in 1985. Exactech has specialized in joints implant systems for use in joint replacement surgeries. Recently, Exactech announced a major recall of all its knee, ankle, and hip replacement implants made after 2004. After discovering that the faulty medical devices used are high in polyethylene plastic insert components that degrade over the years. Due to this patients suffer severe complications and even go through unwanted revision surgery.

In August 2021, Exactech initiated an extensive nationwide recall of all its knee replacement, ankle replacement, and hip replacement implant systems manufactured after 2004. In the US around 150,000 knee replacement implants were impacted by the recall. The Exactech implant systems that are used in knee implant surgery, are referred to as total knee arthroplasty (“TKA”). TKA replacement surgery is used to correct knee trauma and deformities and is also used to relieve severe pain associated with arthritis.

Knee, ankle, and hip surgery patients who had an Exactech knee, ankle and hip implant that failed may be entitled to file a lawsuit and claim financial compensation for suffering from pain, complications, and medical expenses. Patients who go through the implant surgery of the defective medical device suffer pain and complications unnecessarily without their fault and become the victim of the manufacturer. Patients with recalled Exactech devices can be able to make a legal claim for compensation if they suffered injuries, difficulty, premature wear, or required revision surgery to settle problems with their knee ankle, or hip devices.

Thousands of people out there filing complaints against Exatech as it has many complications due to the defective product implant. Revision surgery rates are high after implanting the defective medical device. You can get a potential settlement if you are qualified for the same.